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UIQ 2.x software

Miscellaneous Utilities (150)
Games and Entertainment (404)
Multimedia & Graphics (77)
Security & Encryption (33)
Internet (81)
Emulation (20)
Mobile services (4)
Programming, Development (28)
Finance & Business (35)
Compression (5)
Travel, Sport & Hobby (18)
Home (4)
PC Programs (18)
Database Management (10)
Learning & Dictionaries (40)
Document Editors/Readers (27)
Food & Drinks (16)
Religion (15)
Diaries & Journals (2)
Health & Medicine (23)
Banking (2)
Anti-Virus (3)
Calculators & Math tools (33)
Localisations (12)
Time (31)
Runtimes (1)
Astronomy (4)
Agenda (11)
UI customization (9)
Car (14)
Professional tools (2)
Software bundles (4)
Contacts Management (12)
Maps / Navigation / GPS (47)
Skins (6)
Drivers (2)
Other (4)
Books, Guides (2)
Astrology (2)
Benchmarks (2)

Total: 1215 programs
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Health & Medicine
Health and medical software for Symbian OS 7 UIQ devices

Click here for a list of compatible phone models

Fit4Life   Freeware!   User rating: 10%    1 comments

You can use Fit4Life to: Take your pulse quickly and conveniently by simply pressing a button a few times Calculate your minimum and maximum exercise pulse rates for your age ...
Beyond W
theLadiesCalendar    User rating: 60%    2 comments

Whether you are planning to get pregnant or avoid it, theLadiesCalendar application will come in handy. It will help you find out when you will be most fertile this month. To use, ...
Crescent Technologies
Child Vaccination Manager    User rating: 30%    

show your care and affection towards your child. Stay updated with their vaccination schedules and be reminded of the time for their next shot. Comes with a pre-filled data base of...
Dynamo Computing Solutions
MobiMedic - First Aid    User rating: 70%    

MobiMedic is an interactive mobile phone utility that can be used as a First Aid guide. MobiMedic will direct you through standard First Aid procedures, using your own input for de...
EM Studios

This application has general information for any Health related questions such as what is my BMI (Body mass index), nutrition data and more. ...
Jonty Lovell
Herbal Remedies    User rating: 50%    

For generations people from all around the world have used natural herbs and plants for treating common illnesses, aches, pains and upsets. Now you can carry around that accumilate...
L3 Solutions
CarboCounter    User rating: 50%    

CarboCounter keeps your low carb diet on track. At a a glance, the Today page shows how many carbs, protein, and fat grams you've consumed each day and tracks calories and exercise...
HealthCalc    User rating: 70%    

HealthCalc makes it easy for you to use scientifically proven formulas and measurements to reliably assess and improve your health and fitness. HealthCalc provides six different he...
MyBody Suite    User rating: 50%    

This bundle contains four applications: MyDiet - Helps you to set and achieve your nutrition and fitness goals. MyDiet applies a scientifically proven approach to weight los...
MyDiet    User rating: 80%    

MyDiet helps you to set and achieve your nutrition and fitness goals. MyDiet applies a scientifically proven approach to weight loss: Eat less, exercise more. To lose weight, you m...
NutriData    User rating: 90%    

NutriData makes it easy for you to find reliable information regarding the nutrient, mineral, and vitamin contents of the foods you eat, organized into 21 categories -- including f...
NutriLog    User rating: 50%    1 comments

NutriLog helps you keep track of your nutrient consumption. It's fast, flexible and easy to use. Whether you are on a physician-restricted diet, or simply want to cut your fat ...
Mastersoft Mobile Solutions
My Last Cigarette    User rating: 80%    

Quit smoking today with new My Last Cigarette Extra Strength for SonyEricsson P800 from Mastersoft Mobile Solutions. Simply enter your personal details and watch how your statistic...
RMR Software

This program allows you to predict how you will be feeling physically, emotionally and intellectually on any given date. As well as displaying a biorhythm graph showing your curves...
RMRDiet    User rating: 40%    

RMRDiet is a powerful three-in-one program to help you manage your Diet, Weight, and Exercise programme. Using your personal details and activity level, the program calculates the ...
Soft Magic
Stop Smoking    User rating: 50%    

Stop Smoking for the P800 helps users to quit smoking by first recording their smoke patterns and then building a gradual withdrawal program. How does it work? Stage 1: For ...
Solution Hut
100 Health Tips    User rating: 50%    

'Health Tips' features famous Tips for maintaing your health. These Tips are recommendations of the Physicians and Doctors advised to their patients. Here are the tips for you whic...
My Weight Monitor    User rating: 80%    

My Weight Monitor is designed for the weight conscious people. You can set your weight goal, track your daily weight and can view your weight history in the form of graphs and summ...
Mobile FirstAid    User rating: 70%    

Mobile FirstAid covers the following topics: Accident Prevention, At the Scene of an Accident, Road Accidents, Bleeding, Unconsciousness, Recovery Position, Mouth to Mouth Resuscit...
Biorhythm    User rating: 80%    

Almost everyone has heard about Biorhythms but maybe not everyone knows exactly what it is. The basics of Biorhythms are quite easy to understand. From birth to death each of us is...
BMICalc    User rating: 30%    1 comments

This simple and handy application will let you keep an eye on your BMI level (body mass index - weight to height ratio). It can count and record your measurements as well as measur...
TA Cybernetic Solutions
Health Calculator    User rating: 40%    

Health Calculator for Sony Ericsson P800/P900 makes it easy to check and diagnose your health measurements to reliably assess and improve your health and fitness. Health Cal...
Total Wireless Solutions

The application intends to familiarize you with the Benefits and Use of Nature Cure with Natural Food. The application not only contains facts about the Nutritional value of variou...

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