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UIQ 2.x software

Miscellaneous Utilities (150)
Games and Entertainment (404)
Multimedia & Graphics (77)
Security & Encryption (33)
Internet (81)
Emulation (20)
Mobile services (4)
Programming, Development (28)
Finance & Business (35)
Compression (5)
Travel, Sport & Hobby (18)
Home (4)
PC Programs (18)
Database Management (10)
Learning & Dictionaries (40)
Document Editors/Readers (27)
Food & Drinks (16)
Religion (15)
Diaries & Journals (2)
Health & Medicine (23)
Banking (2)
Anti-Virus (3)
Calculators & Math tools (33)
Localisations (12)
Time (31)
Runtimes (1)
Astronomy (4)
Agenda (11)
UI customization (9)
Car (14)
Professional tools (2)
Software bundles (4)
Contacts Management (12)
Maps / Navigation / GPS (47)
Skins (6)
Drivers (2)
Other (4)
Books, Guides (2)
Astrology (2)
Benchmarks (2)

Total: 1215 programs
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Multimedia & Graphics
Multimedia software for Symbian OS 7 UIQ devices

Click here for a list of compatible phone models

5 Stars Software
mobiLoops    User rating: 60%    

Turn your p800 to a mobi wav loop studio. 5 different tracks each with volume controls and timers. With database support you can upload your own wav loops and store your synthesis....
Musical Instruments - The Saxophone    User rating: 40%    

Explore the magic word of music and notes. Play saxophone on your px00. ...
Aidem Systems
Pocket Painter    User rating: 70%    3 comments

Pocket Painter for UIQ is a high quality image processing and painting tool. With Aidem's Pocket Painter you can modify photos and images, apply filters and special effects on them...
ALON Audio Recorder    User rating: 60%    4 comments

ALON Audio Recorder is a high-quality MP3, WAV recorder and MP3, OGG, WAV audio player. You may easily turn your smartphone into advanced digital dictaphone and start to record lec...
ALON MP3 Player    User rating: 70%    5 comments

ALON MP3 Player is a music player for UIQ smartphones. Overview: Support MP3 and WAV - the most popular audio formats High quality of playback Built-in folder editor ...
Andrew Holmes
Mandy   Freeware!   User rating: 60%    

Mandy is a Mandelbrot image generator for the P800. The program is written in PJava, and is very simple to use. Once the program has been invoked the basic Mandelbrot set...
CandidCam4U    User rating: 60%    3 comments

CandidCam4U does what its name implies: It transforms your P800/P900 SonyEriccson smartphone into a Candid Camera, a camera that takes a series of snapshots automatically and, if ...
Ashley Montanaro
Bemused   Freeware!   User rating: 80%    5 comments

Bemused is a system which allows you to control your music collection from your phone, using Bluetooth. It requires a Nokia 7650/3650 or a Sony Ericsson P800, and a PC with a Bluet...
Slide Show   Freeware!   User rating: 80%    

The application is a Slide Show program that allows you to select and view pictures on your P800. It displays the images fullscreen and can scale them as well. It is written in Mob...
Photo Editor    User rating: 80%    2 comments

Photo Editor is a photo editing application. With its easy to use, friendly interface you can modify pictures taken from your camera in few minutes and send immediately to your fri...
Carmichael Data Systems
CrazyWarp    User rating: 70%    

Put some fun into your phone and warp your favourite pictures with CrazyWarp 2.0. It couldn't be easier to personalise a pic to add to your Contacts or send to a friend using MMS...
Cube Multimedia
CubiX MP3 Player    User rating: 50%    1 comments

CubiX MP3 Player is a high quality MP3 player which lets you create your own playlist, displays amazing 3D visualizations, provides a 10-Band Graphical Equalizer, skinning and much...
30 Quality Animations For MMS Messages    User rating: 60%    

30 Quality Animations For MMS Messages for use with any MMS Capable phone for just 1.99 USD. ...
31 Quality Love and Romance Images For MMS Messages    User rating: 60%    

31 Quality Love & Romance Images For MMS Messages compatible with all MMS phones. ...
Iraq Most Wanted Playing Card MMS Icons    User rating: 40%    

Iraq's Most Wanted Playing Card MMS Icons ready for your MMS enabled phone. Send a card to a friend. ...
ZION Demo    User rating: 80%    2 comments

ZION Demo is an outstanding demonstration of P800's multimedia capabilities. See realtime, 3D graphic effects accompanied with sound track and amaze your friends with this Amiga-st...
Phoda    User rating: 70%    

Phoda helps you to organize your images. With Phoda, you not only can add date information to your images but you can add it to the images' file names as well. Thanks to the batch ...
Display Research Laboratory
HandDee GTuner    User rating: 70%    1 comments

The HandDee GTuner is a mobile phone guitar tuner software for guitarists and musicians. An ergonomically designed smart pitch pointer enable quick and accurate reading of pitch er...
HandDee Spectrum Analyzer    User rating: 80%    2 comments

With the HandDee Spectrum Analyzer, your PDA becomes probably easy-to-use color graphic handheld real-time audio spectrum analyzer. The software generates real-time fading frequenc...
MusicRainbow    User rating: 30%    

Sing Do-Re-Mi and see the rainbow move. Choose from one of the following rainbow patterns. Try match the tone of your friend. ...
PhonTuner Professional    User rating: 70%    

Phonature PhonTuner is an advanced guitar tuner that also works violin, piano, and even vocal practice. It is the first precision tuner to detect off-tuned notes in recordings and ...
Francis Bonnin
BlueEyes   Freeware!   User rating: 70%    12 comments

BlueEyes is a configurable and complete image and animation viewer integrated in a powerful file explorer. The image viewer can: Support a lot of normal files (*.jpg, *.bm...
Random Viewer   Freeware!   User rating: 50%    

Random Viewer is a utility that allows to view randomly files in any directories. It uses the basic symbian file association mechanism to recognise the application to launch in ass...
FondoPlayer    User rating: 50%    4 comments

The Funinhand player is a client-based software integrated into the end user terminal for viewing multimedia content. It enables streaming and downloading of video to mobile phones...
gipViewer    User rating: 70%    

gipViewer P800 is an image viewer, a powerful editor and smart file manager for SonyEricsson P800. View functions: you can choose viewing all image folders files or any ima...
Jonty Lovell
Piano Keys    User rating: 50%    1 comments

A fully functional 4 octave piano keyboard for the P800 and P900 using grand piano samples for a realistic CD quality effect. ...
Karolinas Place
Animator    User rating: 30%    1 comments

With the Animator application you can create animated drawings. Everything that you draw will become animations. You can draw free hand drawings, straight lines, rectangles, ellips...
Klaar Mobile Entertainment
Syntrax    User rating: 70%    5 comments

Syntrax is the first professional music package for mobile phones. Syntrax runs on Symbian devices as well as the PocketPC. Features include: Upto 8 stereo audio channels simul...
L3 Solutions
MyPhotos    User rating: 50%    

MyPhotos is the perfectly simple way to showcase your digital photographs on your PDA! Much more than just an image viewer, MyPhotos lets you arrange your photos into anima...
Leif H. Wilden
OggPlayer   Freeware!   User rating: 80%    24 comments

Leif H. Wilden is currently working on an Ogg-Vorbis Player for the P800. Ogg Vorbis is an audio compression format similar to mp3. However the compressed files are approximately a...
Lonely Cat Games
LCG Jukebox    User rating: 50%    1 comments

LCG Jukebox is a music player for mobile devices, that is designed to suit all your music listening desires. It has excellent sound quality, comfortable playlist management, easy m...
SmartMovie    User rating: 70%    25 comments

SmartMovie is a video player for your mobile device, with counterpart PC converter utility. With the converter, you may prepare any video clip for playback on your mobile device. ...
UltraMP3!    User rating: 60%    12 comments

UltraMP3 is a music player for your UIQ phone. UltraMP3 loads and plays music in MP3 format, as well as MOD, XM, IT, S3M (Amiga modules). The player has built-in playlist editor, w...
MP3Go    User rating: 50%    1 comments

MP3Go for Sony Ericsson P800 is an enhanced MP3 music player to replace your built-in MP3 Audio player. Main Features: Better display interface Full support for Traditiona...
Makayama Software
DVD to Mobile    User rating: 60%    9 comments

This software lets you convert a DVD to your phone and watch it in good quality in full screen landscape mode. A memorycard as small as 128 Mb is sufficient to store a full length ...
Mobile Media Maker for A1000    User rating: 40%    2 comments

Watch home movies, feature films and TV-series on your Motorola A1000 phone in great quality, in full screen, landscape mode. A memorycard as small as 128 MB is sufficient to store...
Mastersoft Mobile Solutions
Mastersoft Photo Album    User rating: 50%    

Photo Album from Mastersoft Mobile Solutions is a cool little utility for turning your collection of photos into a desktop clock / photo viewer. Simply select the location where yo...
PowerMP3    User rating: 50%    22 comments

PowerMP3 will turn your Sony Ericsson smartphone into powerful MP3 and OGG player. PowerMP3 includes a lot of features: Play music in MP3 and OGG audio file formats Create c...
PowerMP3 for Motorola    User rating: 60%    11 comments

PowerMP3 will turn your Motorola smartphone into powerful MP3 and OGG player. PowerMP3 includes a lot of features: Play music in MP3 and OGG audio file formats Create custom...
PhotoEnhancer    User rating: 70%    2 comments

PhotoEnhancer is a small application that easily allows to edit photos, such as cutting out the portait out of the picture or just setting the contrast. PhotoEnhancer is easy to us...
PhotoPlus    User rating: 80%    

PhotoPlus is a powerful photo editing application, optimised and easy to use. You can edit the pictures in full-screen (up to 180% edit size compared to normal). Features:...
PhotoProfessional    User rating: 80%    2 comments

PhotoProfessional is an advanced image editing program, with full screen mode, wide collection of filters, multiple cutting to any format, drawing and more. ...
VirtualRadio    User rating: 60%    1 comments

Play radio stations from all over the world on your mobile phone using GPRS or WCDMA networks. Constantly new stations are being added and make this application universal radio pla...
Ola MelÚn
Full Screen Pictures   Freeware!   User rating: 80%    3 comments

Full Screen Pictures is a picture viewer that shows images on full screen. If the image is bigger, it automatically scales it to "best fit" the screen. You can choose a fo...
My Drums   Freeware!   User rating: 80%    1 comments

With My Drums you can play drums on your P800. ...
My Guitar   Freeware!   User rating: 70%    

With My Guitar you can tune your guitar. The program also displays guitar chords. ...
Philips Software
3GPP Philips Camcoder    User rating: 70%    23 comments

The Philips Camcoder is a high quality audio video encoder and player for the SonyEricsson P800 mobile handset. It provides real-time audio video grabbing and encoding in the MPEG-...
3GPP Philips Camcoder PRO    User rating: 50%    13 comments

The Philips Camcoder is a high quality audio video encoder and player for the SonyEricsson P800 mobile handset. It provides real-time audio video grabbing and encoding in the MPEG-...
PhotoAcute Team
PhotoAcute    User rating: 50%    15 comments

PhotoAcute significantly improves the quality of pictures snapped by the phone built-in camera. By applying state-of-art image processing techniques, PhotoAcute allows to achieve u...
Bon Bonn MMS Template #1 - Always be with U    User rating: 60%    

Bon Bonn MMS Template allows you to send a Bon Bonn greeting card to your best friend's MMS mobile phone directly. ...
Bon Bonn MMS Template #2 - I miss U    User rating: 60%    

With Bon Bonn MMS Template series, you can send colorful Bon Bonn MMS greeting cards to your beloved one, anytime, anywhere with your Sony Ericsson P800. ...
UnrealPlayer    User rating: 60%    9 comments

UnrealPlayer is an advanced MP3 and Ogg Vorbis player for SonyEricsson P800. It supports a lot of features, including playlists, skins, etc. More important, it operates in both fli...
Resco Photo Viewer    User rating: 70%    

Enjoy your favorite photos or animations on the move. Features: continuous zoom animations cool slide show color editing customizable interface What can you do w...
Rock Your Mobile!
Video Converter for Sony Ericsson Smartphones     1 comments

The Video Converter for Sony Ericsson Smartphones lets you convert your favourite videos to mobile video formats preserving the best quality of picture and sound. This high-quality...
PhotoFusion    User rating: 70%    2 comments

PhotoFusion is a camera application for mobile camera phones that creates high quality panoramas and gives your photos that extra touch of finesse. PhotoFusion replaces the standar...
N-Player   Freeware!   User rating: 70%    18 comments

With N-Player you can play your favorite Commodore 64 SID tunes as well as AY files (Amstrad and ZX Spectrum) and MOD/XM/S3M/MTM modules (Amiga) on your P800. This is an ...
Space Software Studio
Animated stereogram   Freeware!   User rating: 60%    2 comments

Little freeware program which displays animated stereograms. It supports multiple 3d models. At the bottom there is a toolbar. You can select a button with the arrow key...
Pixy   Freeware!   User rating: 30%    3 comments

Pixy is a work in progress, in an early stage right now. The aim is to develop a pixel drawing program for the UIQ platform, so graphics artists can draw whenever they like, even i...
SplashPhoto    User rating: 70%    1 comments

SplashPhoto turns your smart phone into a mobile digital picture frame. Simply edit and organize your favorite images with the included desktop software then sync with your handhel...
Stefano Russello
Frattali   Freeware!   User rating: 60%    

Frattali is a fractal generator written in Visual Basic (AppForge MobileVB). ...
Virgin Radio Player   Freeware!   User rating: 60%    14 comments

This application by Sydus allows users to listen to Virgin Radio station from anywhere in the world using GPRS, EDGE, WCDMA networks. Please visit or www.sydu...
Metrofone    User rating: 50%    4 comments

Full digital Metronome Support for different time signatures (from 1/1 to 24/24) Support for different beat accents Tap start (to be released soon in free update!) Vibra-be...
Symmetric Dog Productions
Personal Paint    User rating: 80%    

Personal Paint is a painting program for Personal Java enabled devices, such as UIQ Symbian OS. If you are familiar with the major painting programs for MacOS and Windows you will ...
T. Lienhard
Orgel   Freeware!   User rating: 20%    3 comments

Orgel is a small on-screen piano keyboard that can be used to play simple tunes. Further information and download on developer's web site....
VICS Development
VICS Player   Freeware!   User rating: 70%    2 comments

The p800 VICS player is a beta release of a Full screen capable P800 video player which can preview streaming and installed movies which are in the .vic, .vsf codec. It is by far t...
VITO Technology
VITO SoundExplorer    User rating: 50%    7 comments

VITO SoundExplorer for SonyEricsson P800/P900 is the first MP3 recorder and audio player for smartphones. It lets you record voice memos, lectures, interviews in WAV and MP3 format...
Mobiola Studio     

Take your YouTube clips, movies, favorite music, DVDs with you. Get them to your phone by a single mouse move. Drag and drop YouTube video right from the site to your m...
CameraFX    User rating: 70%    2 comments

With CameraFX from Wild Palm you can enhance your P800's/P900's digital camera with many advanced, highly useful functions, including 10x digital zoom! Features: 10x Digita...
Heresy AI Composer    User rating: 80%    

Create unlimited new polyphonic ringtones in a variety of styles - no musical knowledge required! Features: Choose from 5 styles of music - Dance, Funk, Ballad, Heavy Rock ...
PhotoArt    User rating: 50%    

Watch in real-time as your photo is re-created in a classic style! Features: 6 different painting styles - Impressionist, Expressionist, Cubist, Watercolour, Pointilist and...
Ringtone Studio    User rating: 80%    

The Unique Phone-based Ringtone Editor! Use Ringtone Studio to speed up, trim or change the sounds for your ringtones. Features: Load any Midi song and save in a compress...
Yellow Computing
MMS Cam    User rating: 60%    

This camera can be queried with every mobile phone. Just send the command '//YMMSCAM' via SMS to your P800/P900 and in the twinkling of an eye it takes a photo and sends it back vi...
Septima   Freeware!   User rating: 80%    3 comments

Septima is a 3D demo for the SonyEricsson P800 released at Assembly 2003. It works in wide screen mode. On some firmware revisions one has to install it on C: drive to make it work...
MidiWriterPro    User rating: 80%    3 comments

MidiWriterPro allows you to create and edit music anywhere you have your UIQ mobile phone! It is the most advanced music editing software available for a mobile phone. MidiWriterPr...
ZenoDraw    User rating: 70%    2 comments

Photo editing/drawing software with full alphablending support for Ericsson P900/Motorola A925 (not suitable for P800 due to it only having 4096 colors). Features: Opaque ...
ZenoMorph    User rating: 50%    

ZenoMorph is a fun program which allows you to distort and play around with photos or other images. Amuse friends, colleagues or family by sending an image of a funny face - a mut...
PhotoRite    User rating: 60%    2 comments

PhotoRite is an advanced image processing software solution to perform automatic enhancement on digital photos. Photos processed by the software will have much better visual appear...

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