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Clocks, stopwatches and reminders for Symbian OS 7 UIQ devices

Click here for a list of compatible phone models

TimeLog    User rating: 80%    

TimeLog helps your communicator keep minute-by-minute track of time spent working on different projects and for different customers. Start and stop timers for up to 12 diffe...
Andrzej Benek
a-stop   Freeware!    

a-stop is a watch with a countdown and stopwatch function. It shows only the time and date, an ideal task for old mobile phones to replace noisy clocks. ...
a-watch   Freeware!    

a-watch is a simple watch. It only shows the time and date, an ideal task for old mobile phones to replace noisy clocks in your bed room. ...
TimeLog4U    User rating: 70%    

TimeLog4U is a software that has to do with recording and managing your Time. With TimeLog4U you may either record or log your time spent on a specific activity, for a specific pro...
Timers4U    User rating: 70%    1 comments

Timers4U is an innovative multi time-recording application and a powerful multi-Alarm clock. You may track time spent on any activity, for any event, procedure etc., as Meet...
MulTimer    User rating: 60%    

MulTimer turns your smartphone into a highly configurable timer clock. You can define multiple timers, each with a unique sequence of signaled events. Selectable timer types includ...
Denis Artemov
TimePane    User rating: 70%    2 comments

"TimePane" is an application that adds clock in status pane, so you can see current time in any business application. Also it has timer, screenlock and quicklaunch features. Timer ...
HijriConverter   Freeware!   User rating: 50%    1 comments

HijriConverter is a small utility that converts Christian dates to Islamic dates and vice versa (A.D. to after al hijra and vice versa). Convert any date you want in a glance. ...
NTPClient   Freeware!   User rating: 70%    7 comments

NTPClient allows synchronizing your P800/P900 clock with time server over GPRS/HSCSD connection. Now you can keep the clock on your device perfectly accurate. ...
CountdownSJ   Freeware!   User rating: 70%    2 comments

Simple and tight countdown timer application. Features: Easy user interface, usable without stylus pen. Start/stop timer with jog dial. Alarm sound and vibration. Restart timer...
Embedded Knowledge
EasyTimer   Freeware!   User rating: 50%    4 comments

EasyTimer is a simple application that lets you either countdown a specified amount of time or just start a timer that counts up. It only runs on P9X0. Features: Loud rep...
Infologic Services

Alarm Clock watch with multiple alarms, choice of style faces, adjustable hand sizes, alternative sounds. Support for Touch Screen handsets. All styles include adjustable hand s...
Island Labs
IslandTime    User rating: 10%    1 comments

IslandTime is a clock and calendar with an island theme. ...
L3 Solutions
Image Calendar    User rating: 60%    

Who says PDA software always has to be boring? L3's Image Calendars blend a useful calendar / clock display with an image slideshow. Following versions are available: Suns...
Lars Kuechenmeister
TimeCard   Freeware!   User rating: 70%    1 comments

TimeCard is intended for worktime recording, so you able to set your start-, endtime and the length of pause for each day, and the program calculates your over- or undertime. ...
Markus Halttunen
QuickTimer   Freeware!   User rating: 70%    7 comments

Set the time you want the QuickTimer to count down from and press start. It will sound an alarm when that time has passed. ...
Martin Maisey
PStopwatch   Freeware!   User rating: 70%    2 comments

PStopwatch is an open-source stopwatch for the Sony P800 smartphone (and any other device of a similar size that supports Personal Java), with all the usual features - start, stop,...
TravelClock    User rating: 60%    6 comments

TravelClock is a multifunctional clock that enables you to control all time parameters. Variety of views makes it possible to select both classical analog and digital clock. 20 bui...
Internet Time    User rating: 30%    2 comments

Synchronize your clock with an Internet Time Server. Internet Time keeps your mobile phone clock automatically synchronized with NTP time servers on the Internet. ...
Internet Time Base UI Edition    User rating: 30%    1 comments

Synchronize your clock with an Internet Time Server. Internet Time keeps your mobile phone clock automatically synchronized with NTP time servers on the Internet. It supports diffe...
WorldMate    User rating: 80%    4 comments

A Global Village? With different time zones and currencies to deal with, you need WorldMate to help you out -- now with weather forecasts from The Weather Channel! Whether y...
WorldMate 2005 Professional Edition    User rating: 60%    3 comments

Guaranteed to save you time and head-aches - WorldMate Professional Edition will assist you, the frequent business traveler, in planning, managing and tracking your business travel...
AquaAlarm    User rating: 50%    3 comments

AquaAlarm replaces standard alarm notification for UIQ. Different "Snooze" options, excellent integration with Symbian OS, compatibility with AquaCalendar or standard Agenda. Suppo...
Polle Software
StopWatch    User rating: 50%    

StopWatch is a fully functional "timing device", with features including start/stop (surprise) and splittimes. A more advanced feature is TimeZones, which will save clocked times a...
Poqit Stopwatch    User rating: 60%    

Poqit Stopwatch is a LCD stopwatch which records to hundredths of a second, and also allows you to record up to 99 lap times. Key features are the ability to operate via jog-dial o...
Calendar Marker   Freeware!   User rating: 60%    

Marks the end date in calendar when you specify start date and number of days. Shows number of days when you specify start and end dates. ...
Service Time    User rating: 60%    

With this tool you can set your alarm as hours and minutes since now (and not the exact time). If you cook something, you can simply set your alarm to go off in 25 minutes without ...
Best Clock    User rating: 30%    

Best Clock is a multi-function time tool that offers the following features: improved alarms, floating clock bar, timed "cuckoo" function, world clock, count up/down timer, compare...
PowerClock    User rating: 50%    

PowerClock is a multi-function time tool that offers the following features: improved alarms, floating clock bar, timed "cuckoo" function, world clock, count up/down timer, compare...
Thomas Hutterer
gps2systime    User rating: 70%    2 comments

Are you tired of having to adjust the system time of your mobile phone every few weeks? This is because the internal timer is very inaccurate. gps2systime obtains the current t...
TimeTool Solutions
TimeTool    User rating: 70%    

TimeTool for P800 is a P800 implementation of TimeTool and consists of 5 modules: The Timer module is a counter for short time periods in one minute steps. If required you ...

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