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Bluetooth Media Center MMV-200

The Sony Ericsson MMV-200 Bluetooth Media Center is a brigde between your UIQ 3 smartphone and your home audio/video devices. It's a small silver box that can be connected to your TV set, projector or stereo amplifier allowing you to play back your phone's movies and music files or to show pictures. It's not just a simple player, it may also be used to share multimedia files by many users of Bluetooth enabled phones or PDAs.

MMV-200 is a Bluetooth device. Just pair your phone with it and you can start playing back your music and presenting images just by sending your files via Bluetooth to the MMV-200. You don't have to wait for large music files to be fully uploaded to the MMV-200 - they start playing almost immediately while still being transmitted.

To make operation even simpler and fully wireless, you can use your phone as a remote control. Depending on the phone model, the MMV-200 becomes available as an accessory after you pair your phone with it, or you can download a small Java MIDP remote control application from the MMV-200. Remote control functions include playback control (previous/next/play/stop), device menu navigation, picture rotation and zoom, sorting files, accessing on-screen help and switching the device off.

In addition to the wireless connectivity, the MMV-200 is also a memory card reader and a player of multimedia content stored on various formats of Flash memory cards. It has two slots supporting the following card formats: Memory stick, Compact Flash, MMC, SD and SmartMedia. Both slots can be used at the same time. Movies can only be played back from memory cards.

MMV-200 supports the following file formats:
  • still pictures: JPEG, BMP, GIF
  • audio: MP3, WAV, SBC, MP4 (AAC and M4A), AMR
  • video: MP4 (MPEG4 and AAC), 3GP (H.263 and AMR), MPEG-1.

You can upload or create playlists. Slideshows can use various built-in transitions and any audio file as background music.

MMV-200 is a very useful accessory to show your multimedia files on large TV screen or to play music clips stored in your phone's memory on your hi-fi audio equipment. Fully remotely and wirelessly. But that's not all. The MMV-200 becomes real BEAST on a party. Just imagine that any of your guests can play his/her own songs. Or run a slideshow of favourite photographs. Or show a movie from his/her last trip. And then your guests can exchange the files. Again, fully wirelessly and remotely. Everyone can be a DJ. The MMV-200 can also serve as a presentation tool: presentations can be created as sets of JPG pictures and one can use the remote control function to wirelessly control the presentation via Bluetooth using his/her mobile phone.

If you have a large collection of music files on your smartphone, if you record movies and take pictures using your phone's camera and you want to watch them on the large screen of your TV set and to present them to your family or friends, if you want to give your friends on your parties the freedom to playback and show their own multimedia files then the MMV-200 will be a great choice for you.

Technical data:
  • Connectors: RCA (with SCART adapter) and VGA
  • TV standards: PAL, SECAM, NTSC
  • Bluetooth 1.1
  • Bluetooth profiles: OPP, BIP
  • Bluetooth range: 10 meters.

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