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Advanced Car Handsfree HCA-60

Sony Ericsson HCA-60 is a "wired" car handsfree. To use it with your UIQ 3 phone, you also need a dedicated phone holder model: HCH-67 for M600 and W950 or HCH-64 for the P990.

The HCA-60 provides very high sound quality and effectively cancels echo and noise. You can either mount the kit loudspeaker to use your handsfree independently of your car's audio system or you can buy the optional Stereo Mute Box HCE-26 to use your car's stereo loudspeakers (two front speakers will be used).

Just like with other "wired" handsfree sets, the only external part mounted on the dashboard is the phone holder. All operations like dialling, accepting or ejecting calls, selecting contacts from phone book, etc. are done directly on the mobile phone. You can also use your phone's voice dialling and voice commands functions.

What makes the HCA-60 an advanced handsfree is its audio playback capabilities. It can be used to play music files (all file types supported by your phone, like MP3, AAC, AMR, WAV, MP4, etc) stored in your smartphone. Music quality depends on your configuration. If you installed the kit loudspeaker then music will be played via the speaker and will be of low quality mono. If you bought the optional Stereo Mute Box HCE-26 and connected the handsfree set to your car's audio system then the music will be played via your car's loudspeakers and will be of high quality stereo. The playback is controlled the same way as when you normally use your phone to play music.

If you have a large collection of music in your phone and you intend to use it as an MP3 player for your car then getting the HCE-26 Stereo Mute Box is highly recommended as the kit loudspeaker doesn't provide sufficient audio quality for music playback and it's monaural. The quality of sound played via car's stereo speakers is very high.

The HCA-60 has a "Phone reminder" function which reminds you to take your phone with you when leaving the car. When you turn the ignition off, a phone alarm signal is heard after 5 seconds and you have to either press a button on your phone or remove it from the craddle to turn the alarm off.

  • "wired" handsfree - requires dedicated phone holder: HCH-67 for M600 and W950 or HCH-64 for the P990
  • supports playback of music files stored the phone. For high quality stereo sound it is recommended to connect the handsfree to your car's audio system using the optional HCE-26 Stereo Mute Box accessory instead of the bundled mono loudspeaker.
  • "Phone reminder" function will remind you not to leave the phone in the car.

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