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Bluetooth Car Handsfree HCB-700

Sony Ericsson HCB-700 is a Bluetooth car handsfree set. Even though it was launched before UIQ 3 phones became available and it isn't officially listed as P990/M600/W950 accessory, it works very well and delivers great sound quality and exceptional comfort and ease of use.

The HCB-700 should be compatible with most cars on the market. It uses its own loudspeaker which makes it fully independent of the audio system of your car as it simply doesn't use it. If your car's radio has an AUX connector, you can use HCB-700's music mute cable to automatically mute music when you make or receive a call using the handsfree set.

In addition to the electronic box (the main unit) and the loundspeaker which are both mounted under the dashboard and remain invisible, the HCB-700 set consists of three external parts that should be mounted in visible and easy-to-reach places: control unit, display and microphone. The display shows network status, caller ID, configuration menus and last calls lists. You can cutomize the color and contrast of the screen. The control unit works like a joystick: it consists of a selection wheel and a 5-way button on top. It is used to answer/end or reject calls, select contacts from last calls lists, configure the device, etc.

The HCB-700 is a Bluetooth handsfree, which means that the connection to your mobile phone is fully wireless. You don't even have to take the phone out of your pocket; the handsfree set finds it and establishes the connection as soon as you get into your car. It's not only comfortable to use but it also provides compatibility with most of Bluetooth enabled phones. You can get a new phone model and still use the same handsfree set without any modifications, while in case of wired handsfree sets it usually takes replacing the dedicated phone holder if not the entire device...

As mentioned earlier, the HCB-700 was released before UIQ 3 phones started shipping. Because of this, when paired with an UIQ 3 phone, the device doesn't support one important function: access to phone's Contacts directory / phonebook. It may be considered a serious disadvantage but fortunately other advanced functions can be used instead. All your most frequently dialled contacts can be invoked using voice name dialling: just press the control unit and say the voice tag (recorded in the phone) as you normally would.

You can also dial numbers using voice digit dialling: you dial the number by saying digits and signs (like Plus, Star, Hash, etc). The unit has a speaker adaptation mode that lets adapt the voice recognition engine to your voice and accent. The voice digit dialling function works extremely well and after using the speaker adaptation mode several times the recognition is 100% correct. The following languages are supported: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Swedish.

In addition to voice name dialling and voice digit dialling, the HCB-700 set also supports voice commands letting you control the device using your voice. And it's not just simple commands but sometimes even advanced dialogues: the device asks questions and waits for your answers. For example, if you want to dial a contact, the HCB-700 will ask you if you want to give a name, number or cancel dialling. Then, based on your voice answer, it'll ask you to say voice tag or say the digits of the number. Saying "Cancel" will interrupt the operation.

Sony Ericsson HCB-700 is a high quality car handsfree. The sound quality is exceptional. External screen and control unit, voice name and digit dialling, voice commands and wireless operation provide the highest level of comfort, ease of use and also security as you can stay focused on driving. The Bluetooth connection is very stable and I haven't experienced any problems.

  • high quality sound
  • wireless connection
  • voice name and digit dialling, voice commands
  • caller ID display, control unit
  • car audio system automatic mute function
  • independent of your car's audio system and thus compatible with all modern cars.

  • no access to Contacts / phonebook on UIQ 3 phones.

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