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Bluetooth Handsfree HBH-610a

The HBH-610a is one of the latest Sony Ericsson Bluetooth headsets. It's a Bluetooth 2.0 device supporting Handsfree and Headset profiles and Auto pairing function connecting the headset to selected Sony Ericsson phones in an easier and quicker way.

The HBH-610a provides high quality digial sound. Its built-in DSP chip automatically adjusts volume in noisy environment, cancels echo and reduces background noise.

The device is equipped with a flexible ear hook which can be flipped for left ear or right ear use. Made of black, silver and grey plastic, the HBH-610a looks very stylish. It's quite large (compared to e.g. Samsung WEP200 headset) and it feels very solid, so it seems that it's aimed first of all at male business users. Style-Up Covers support allows changing front covers; the headset comes with black cover and two spare silver covers are attached. The box also contains a black neck strap.

  • Digitally processed high quality sound
  • Automatic volume adjustment, echo cancellation and noise reduction
  • Auto pairing for easier and quicker bonding
  • Bluetooth 2.0, Handsfree and Headset profiles
  • Flexible ear hook with flip
  • Exchangable covers
  • Redialling
  • 300 hours standby, 6 hours talk time
  • 6-7 meters working range.

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