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Symbian OS UIQ 3 Section: Introduction/Reviews of UIQ 3 smartphones
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SE P1i (review)
SE P990 (review)
SE M600 (review)
SE W950 (intro)

Older UIQ 2.x smartphones are listed in the separate
UIQ 2.x section
  UIQ 3 platform
UIQ is a customizable pen-based user interface platform for media-rich mobile phones based on Symbian OS. UIQ offers users enchanting interaction through its pen-based user interface and large display. UIQ 3 is a media-rich, flexible and customizable software platform, pre-integrated and tested with Symbian OS v9, providing core technologies and services such as telephony and networking. UIQ 3 gives mobile phone manufacturers the possibility to create a portfolio of phones, highly diversified with different phone styles based on one single codeline. UIQ 3 is designed to provide an excellent user experience with easy access to advanced 2.5G and 3G network services. UIQ 3 based phones offer more fun and functionality than ordinary phones: a full messaging suite, Internet capabilities, wireless mobile gaming with other users, downloading of enterprise information and applications all increasing the amount of data transferred through an operator's network.

Introduction / Reviews of Symbian OS UIQ 3 devices

Symbian OS UIQ 3 devices are currently available from Sony Ericsson only. Please, select device from the list below to see its description or review:

Sony Ericsson P1i,
Symbian OS 9.1, UIQ 3.0

Sony Ericsson P990,
Symbian OS 9.1, UIQ 3.0

Sony Ericsson M600,
Symbian OS 9.1, UIQ 3.0

Sony Ericsson W950,
Symbian OS 9.1, UIQ 3.0

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