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UIQ 3.x software

Miscellaneous Utilities (43)
Games & Entertainment (110)
Learning & Dictionaries (7)
Emulation (7)
Time (11)
Maps / Navigation / GPS (10)
Security & Encryption (9)
Finance & Business (12)
Software bundles (1)
UI customization & Themes (1)
Document Editors & Readers (9)
Internet (18)
Calculators & Math tools (7)
Multimedia & Graphics (22)
Compression (1)
Localizations (4)
Contacts Management (3)
Travel, Sport & Hobby (1)
Religion (2)
Health & Medicine (3)
Agenda / PIM (5)
Data synchronization (3)
Car (4)
Programming, Development (2)
UI customization (1)
PC software (3)
Database management (1)
Mods & Tweaks (10)

Total: 310 programs
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Multimedia & Graphics
Multimedia software and graphics editors for Symbian OS UIQ 3 smartphones

Click here for a list of compatible phone models

ALON Audio Recorder    User rating: 80%    

Turn your smartphone into advanced digital dictaphone and start recording lectures, conversations, interviews. With ALON Audio Recorder you can also listen to your favourite music ...
AudibleAir    User rating: 90%    

A software that delivers digital audiobooks and programs from Audible, the Internet's leading provider of spoken audio entertainment, information, and educational programming. List...
CorePlayer    User rating: 80%    3 comments

CorePlayer is an universal audio and video player which supports a huge number of audio and video formats, probably the most of all existing multimedia players for Symbian OS. Supp...
GView   Freeware!   User rating: 70%    16 comments

A freeware picture viewer that works in both flip open and closed modes. Options include automatic zoom-in and zoom-out to fill screen, auto-rotate to best fit the current screen s...
FreEPOC - Malcolm Bryant
jPlaylist   Freeware!    

jPlaylist is a small Java program running under Windows to create or update a music playlist to be compatible with UIQ3 phones....

EasyDrawing is an easy-to-use raster graphics editor with a variety of features for UIQ 3.x smartphones with touch screen. With EasyDrawing you can easy create and edit images by u...
Syntrax    User rating: 60%    1 comments

Syntrax has all modern musician wants when away from the studio! A sequencer, sound synthesis and sample editor all wrapped up in a nice little package. Never again will you be bor...
Lars Decker
mp3tagger   Freeware!   User rating: 40%    4 comments

mp3tagger is an MP3 ID3 tag editor. You can open MP3 Files, edit the ID3 tags and write them back to file. ...
Lonely Cat Games
LCG Jukebox    User rating: 80%    7 comments

LCG Jukebox is a music player for mobile devices, that is designed to suit all your music listening desires. It has excellent sound quality, comfortable playlist management, easy m...
SmartMovie    User rating: 50%    2 comments

SmartMovie is a video player for your mobile device, with counterpart PC converter utility. With the converter, you may prepare any video clip for playback on your UIQ 3 phone. ...
PowerMovie    User rating: 50%    2 comments

Video player for UIQ 3.x phones. Supports most popular formats such as AVI (DivX, XVid), MP4. Inteligent design and high performance allow you to enjoy your favourite movies and cl...
MobiVio Solutions
HandyPaint     1 comments

HandyPaint is a powerful yet easy to use drawing tool for your UIQ3 mobile device. You can use it to create your own paintings, or edit pictures taken from your device's camera, ev...
Ola MelÚn
Animator   Freeware!   User rating: 50%    1 comments

With the Animator application you can create animated drawings. Everything that you draw will become animations. You can draw free hand drawings, straight lines, rectangles, ellips...
Plato Mobile Software
Sony Ericsson DVD Studio    User rating: 100%    

With Sony Ericsson DVD Studio you can convert DVD movies to mobile movies. Features: Attractive and easily usable user interface Convert DVD to mobile phone video with c...
Rock Your Mobile!
Video Converter for Sony Ericsson Smartphones    User rating: 30%    4 comments

The Video Converter for Sony Ericsson Smartphones lets you convert your favourite videos to mobile video formats preserving the best quality of picture and sound. This high-quality...
SlingPlayer Mobile   Freeware!   User rating: 40%    

SlingPlayer for the UIQ 3.x platform letting you stream multimedia content from your SlingBox anywhere in the world on your UIQ 3.x phone. ...
SomeOne / AnotherGuest
N-Player   Freeware!   User rating: 70%    9 comments

With N-Player you can play your favorite SID tunes (Commodore 64), AY files (Amstrad and ZX Spectrum) and MOD/XM/S3M/MTM modules (Amiga) on your UIQ3 smartphone. On the P990, the p...
Space Software Studio
Animated Stereogram   Freeware!   User rating: 50%    

Freeware program which displays animated stereograms. It supports multiple 3d models. A stereogram is an optical illusion of depth created from flat, two-dimensional imag...
Pixy    User rating: 70%    1 comments

Pixy is a pixel-graphics drawing application. It doesn't work with true color (65K or 16M RGB) images, but indexed images (ie. images with a palette). In pixel graphics an artist u...
Escarpod   Freeware!   User rating: 70%    1 comments

Escarpod, previously known as Podcast Player, is a podcatcher (downloader and player of podcasts) for UIQ 3.x smartphones. Features include built-in player with persistent position...
Muzee    User rating: 10%    13 comments

Muzee is a music player for UIQ 3 smartphones. Features - files: mp3, ogg, aac, mp4, m4a audio files ID3 tags: artist, album, title, genre,... info: volume, play time. ...
Mobiola Studio    User rating: 90%    1 comments

Get your favorite YouTube, DVD, Metacafe, WMV, iTunes, AVI etc. videos to mobile device with one drag and drop mouse move! Video converter (variety of formats) and remote file mana...

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