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UIQ 3.x software

Miscellaneous Utilities (43)
Games & Entertainment (110)
Learning & Dictionaries (7)
Emulation (7)
Time (11)
Maps / Navigation / GPS (10)
Security & Encryption (9)
Finance & Business (12)
Software bundles (1)
UI customization & Themes (1)
Document Editors & Readers (9)
Internet (18)
Calculators & Math tools (7)
Multimedia & Graphics (22)
Compression (1)
Localizations (4)
Contacts Management (3)
Travel, Sport & Hobby (1)
Religion (2)
Health & Medicine (3)
Agenda / PIM (5)
Data synchronization (3)
Car (4)
Programming, Development (2)
UI customization (1)
PC software (3)
Database management (1)
Mods & Tweaks (10)

Total: 310 programs
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Symbian OS UIQ 3.x software
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Application(s) found for "Smartphoneware":

Best Birthday by Smartphoneware (Agenda / PIM)
Best Birthday helps you organize and view anniversaries in a handy way: monthly anniversaries view of contacts found in Contacts applications, alarms in Calendar associated with them, ability to perform fully customizable export of anniversaries from Cont...

Best Crypto by Smartphoneware (Security & Encryption)
Protect your private photos, voice and sound files, videos, confidential documents - just any kind of files on your smartphone. Every smartphone user stores sensitive data on his device. It could be private photos, confidential voice notes, busi...
User rating: 90%  (2 votes)    1 comments

Best Notes by Smartphoneware (Document Editors & Readers)
Best Notes allows to jot down notes, memos, ideas and any piece of information, organise, categorize, protect and encrypt them with password if needed, and provides intelligent search and export/import to a text file so that you can view or edit your data...
User rating: 60%  (5 votes)    1 comments

Best Password Manager by Smartphoneware (Security & Encryption)
Secure passwords keeper specially created to systematize and to store your logins, passwords, access codes, etc securely. With Best PasswordMan you can create cards that store your logins or passwords and organise them into folders. You can move or dr...
User rating: 50%  (5 votes)    2 comments

Best MessageStorer by Smartphoneware (Miscellaneous Utilities)
Best MessageStorer lets you easily and conveniently save your SMS, MMS, emails in a text or CSV file that can be then exported to your desktop computer. Features: Allows saving messages as text file. The text file contains detailed information a...
User rating: 60%  (4 votes)    3 comments

Best eBible by Smartphoneware (Religion)
Electronic reader of the Holy Bible for UIQ3 smartphones. To work with the text you can use the following commands: Line up Line down Page up Page down Go top Go bottom Go to text position by percent Next book Prev book Next chapte...

Best Converter by Smartphoneware (Calculators & Math tools)
BestConverter is a fast and easy way to convert almost anything to anything else. Over 1.100 units in 67 categories. Nice looking design, built-in intuitive keyboard and easy-to-use interface - it's a real conversion power in your pocket. Highlights: ...
User rating: 60%  (6 votes)    2 comments

Best Calc by Smartphoneware (Calculators & Math tools)
Best Calc allows you to perform all basic calculations as well as all common scientific functions in fast and easy way. Intuitive keyboard design provides efficient access to lots of functions without having to access menus or lists. Standard, scientific ...
User rating: 70%  (5 votes)    5 comments

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