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Sony Ericsson P800 photo review

N7650 / SPV photo review

Series60 seminar

Nokia Mobile Internet Conference

Möbius 2002 report

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Series60 Seminar and
Nokia Mobile Internet Conference

Munich, Germany - 04-06.11.2002

Series60 Seminar

Series60 Smartphone Seminar took its place in Marriott Hotel in Munich on November 4th, 2002. This was an invite-only event held by Nokia and Siemens aimed at developers and companies interested in supporting Series60 platform. During the event attendees were presented with interesting lectures by prominent speakers and had a chance to meet represetatives of some of the top companies writing software for Nokia 7650 smartphones.

Short look at the Agenda:

  • "Series60 platform, interoperability and differentiation in a multivendor environment" - Mika Saravirta, Director Marketing, Nokia Mobile Phones
  • "Mobile Overview - How is it all tying together: Smartphones, applications and services" - Lars Vestergaard, IDC
  • "Siemens and the Series60 platform" - Dirk Hofmann, Director, Consumer Marketing, Siemens
  • "Possibilities - Developing and selling applications for Series60 Smartphones" - Jari Mäkelä, Developer Business Program Manager, Forum Nokia
  • "Business - Building your business on the Series60 Platform" - Gerard Bruen, Nokia Mobile Software
  • "Series60 and imaging devices - New opportunities for software developers" - Mika Setälä, Senior Marketing Manager, Nokia Mobile Phones
  • "Business perspective - User created videos with a Series60 smartphone" - Tomas Myntti, VP of Sales and Marketing, Hantro Products
  • "Business perspective - Application is the King and Devices are the Queen" - Paolo Baldriga, Marketing VAS Director, WIND
  • "Growing the market together - Where we go from here" - Charlie Schick, Senior Marketing Manager, Mobile Software

Besides the lectures, all attendees could meet representatives of leading software companies, exhibiting and demoing their products. To name a few of them:

  • Siemens - Oliver Zechlin, Vladimir Minenko
  • Nokia - Tapio Hämeen-Anttila
  • Forum Nokia - Gerard Brunen, Toni Takomo
  • Epocware - Andrey Scherbakov
  • Sumea - Ilkka Paananen
  • WildPalm - Nigel Grange
  • AppForge - Sara Downs
  • Hantro - Tomas Myntti
  • Shape Services - Igor Berzovsky
  • Metrowerks - D'Arcy Salzmann
  • Borland - Trevor Strudley
  • Superscape - David Macmillan

Nokia Mobile Internet Conference

This year's NMIC took place at ICM in Munich. More than 1000 delegates were presented with a wide choice of lectures and seminars, could get in direct touch with 9 new mobile phones launched by Nokia and had a great opportunity to meet representatives of many leading companies.

NMIC was a truly great chance to see and feel how Nokia, developers, content providers and operators are working together to bring the mobile market to a new level and to experience that great momentum towards 3G. All seminars and lectures were divided into three simultaneous streams:

  • "Make the market" - for business development and marketing specialists
  • "Lauch from a solid platform" - for technology experts
  • "Create revenue rich applications" - for application developers.

The main aim of the "Make the market" stream was to outline views on how the players on the market could strenghten joint efforts to generate next wave of growth. Operators need to launch new, more advanced mobile services and developers have to offer exciting content and applications. There were many exciting demonstrations of latest technologies, including MMS with voice and video clips, Java games, mobile commerce and applications and services presented by developer companies like Lotu Software, MTIT, Nordea, PSI NT, Quadriga, Tira Wireless, RealNetworks, Texas Instruments or Sun.

The "Launch from a solid platform" stream was aimed primarily at technology experts looking for how to prepare mobile networks infrastructure for the next stage of development. Multiple presentations within this stream covered security and protection in mobile networks, new opportunities for web services, corporate data connectivity, service evolution, mobile location services, Bluetooth technology and more.

The third stream - "Create revenue rich applications" - targeted software developers showed how developer companies can establish their business relationships. Hot topics around creating usable services and making advanced applications were covered by leading professionals from Nokia and partnering companies. The exhibition area featured Nokia developer resources - from development tools to application testing.

Theory put into practice: Nokia 3650 and 6650, six new phones launched at NMIC, camera headset, observation camera, music stand for Nokia phones as well as N-Gage - Nokia game console based on Series 60! Gosh!

Nokia 7250 is a tri-band phone with integrated camera. High resolution display shows 4096 colours with 128x128 pixels.

Nokia 6800 is a true revolution in style and design. Full messaging keyboard, large color display, stereo FM radio, MMS, Java support and 4096-color display make it a real hit!

Nokia 6100 is a small and light (76 gram) tri-band phone with MMS support, GPRS + HSCSD and high resolution color screen.

Nokia 5100 provides protection against splashes, dust and bumps, includes stereo FM radio, high resolution color screen and is a tri-band phone.

Nokia 8910i is an upgraded, tri-band version of high-end Nokia 8910 with high resolution, color screen and MMS support.

Nokia 2100 is a low-end, small and light, dual band phone aimed at people who are buying their first mobile phone and are looking for an user-friendly interface and easy messaging.

Nokia 3650 is a well known Series 60 phone, fully compatible with Nokia 7650. It features memory card support, tri-band transmitter and improved camera with camcorder software.

Nokia 6650 is Nokia's first dual GSM/WCDMA phone, with built-in camera and support for MMS and Java MIDP.

Wow! It is only a pity that none of these great devices (especially 6800) is powered by SymbianOS... Well, but there's another news: Nokia announced a game console based on Series 60, with built-in GSM phone and Internet connectivity! It is called N-Gage and will be available in 2003.

Two days filled with information rich seminars and presentations, great new devices launched and demonstrated at the conference, direct contacts with those who create and lead the mobile market but also... great fun - Nokia Party at Löwenbräukeller in Munich - an unforgettable evening of food, great German beer, entertainment and cool music from the 70's and 80's!

Both Series60 seminar and Nokia Mobile Internet Conference were truly magnificent events. You could just feel like in the beating heart of the whole mobile market. Solutions and projects shown there gave us a good foretaste of what we can see in year 2003 and beyond. How to describe it with just one sentence...? Nokia rules! Honestly!

Michal Jerz

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