Will There Be a PS5?


The obvious answer to this question is yes; there will eventually be a PlayStation 5. Sony announced a fair bit ago that they were working on the PS5, but have unfortunately pushed back the release date repeatedly. Now, exactly why they keep pushing the release date back when gamers are dying to get their hands on the new system is something we plan to discuss in this post. There are many good reasons for Sony to delay the release, but that doesn’t change gamers’ rightful frustration because it still hasn’t hit the market.

Why would they withhold it?

So, now that we’ve discussed that there will be a PS5 let’s talk about what possible reasons they could have for continuing to delay the release. You might find it crazy that Sony would keep pushing back the release, slowing their making profits on the PS5, but by postponing it, they’re vamping up the hype and anticipation for the system. By the time it does hit the market, gamers will be so excited about it finally being released that they won’t hesitate to purchase it, and for a higher price, no less.

Building up the hype of the PlayStation 5 also builds up player expectations in the finished product. If Sony pushes the release of the PS5 back several years, players will be wondering what great new features they were able to add to the system at that time. Delaying the release allows for new technology to be created and new options for gaming systems.

When can we expect it to hit the market finally?

There’s a lot of speculation surrounding this, as the PS5 has already been pushed back, and everyone seems to have a different prediction for when it’ll finally be available for purchase. One factor that needs to be considered is the fact that sales are still high for the PS4. Sony won’t have much motivation to push for the release of the PlayStation 5 to happen while the PS4 is still selling well. They’ll want to milk that system’s profits for all its worth before releasing the new system. Why would they force the profits to decline by releasing the next generation of systems when they weren’t already naturally decreasing from interest dwindling?

Some believe that it’ll be as early as the second half of 2018 that consumers will finally get their hands on the highly anticipated PS5, but others don’t estimate it being released until 2019 or even 2020. Predictions of the actual release date are all over the place and are just speculation anyway. As long as profits for the PS4 are still high and hype for the PS5 is still growing, we can expect Sony to hold off on the release of the PS5.

There’s no doubt that, when the PlayStation 5 finally releases, it’ll be an impeccable gaming system that will delight gamers everywhere. Hopefully, they won’t hold off too long to release it and match the hype they’ve created for it. The longer they wait to release, the more hype gets built up, and the more time they have to improve the machine itself, so who knows what we can expect from the finished product.

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